New York Subway App Reviews

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Does not work / ne fonctionne pas

The application doesnt work, the map cant be displayed correctly, only a few parts of it and a zoom in/out refreshes the map. I deleted this application La carte du métro ne se charge pas correctement, seulement pas parties et un zoom déclenche le rechargement de la carte, ce qui nen finit plus. Jai supprimé cette application

Great, simple, fast & cheap app. Perfect for your stay in NY. No need for WIFI to calculate route

This app is really good. I just arrived in New York and checked out whats available for the NY subway in order to not carry the printed map all the time. Plus: the printed map shows everyone "Im a tourist" – the app doesnt :) 5 Stars for really good work.

Hands off!!!

Works extremely slowly on my IPod 2nd, crashes very often (nearly every Minute), no single Cent worth. 0 stars

Half of it doesnt work

In app purchases are still in sandbox mode. So thats useless.


Worked great to have a map in your pocket.


Made my visit so easy! It was very useful and even took into account subway closures. I would be lost w out it


This is one of the most unintuitive apps I have ever used. Other than showing you where the stations are, it is useless. The find your route feature is a joke. Can I rate it less than 0?

Address doesnt work

Bought this app based on the promise that address input works. Im just visiting NYC so just needed an app that can tell me which line(s) to use by entering to and from addresses. It doesnt find most addresses. Waste of $1! Then I found Embark NYC. It does exactly what I wanted and its free...double whammy!

Gps does not work

Waist of 1$. Gps localization does not work

Not bad

Not bad,but sometimes is problems

very good

Nyc subway isnt that easy to surf... with this application you spare a lot of map quests. I was really enthusiastic for its locating the nearest station system!

Google maps works great for tourists

I bought this app as a tourist. Google maps worked great for walking directions to the station and which line to take. Use that instead. This app assumes you know what station you want.

Not helpful

We got this app to help us navigate New York on our visit. However you cant use it unless you know the name of the station you are leaving and going to. There is no way to say I am at this address as would like to get to such a and such address. If I knew the system well enough to know the names of all the stations I wouldnt need this app. I would have liked to have something that would allow me to give an address where I am trying to get from my current location and it give me the best route. We purchased the add on that puts tourist stops on your map, but they just show words with no explanation of what they are. This app is NO help withy that at all. Total waste for my family.


Not very intuitive and subway map overview is hardly what I would call high resolution.

It. Is. Awesome

I love this app, its great, accurate and precise. Worth 99¢


Awesome! I can really use this when I am in NYC! Thanks!

Great app

Very helpful for subway info. Other apps will help more with routing you from an address rather than a subway station though. Still, very handy.


Very useful!


Besides a good system map, the routing tool is invaluable for visitors. We used it to go to The Cloisters which took the mystery out of choosing lines & trains.

Great app

Just left NYC. This app was a life-saver on the subway.

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